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Bodhi and Colette are close friends who share a passion for organic and sustainably produced food. As consumers, they find that, while there is a broad array of organic products available in the market, they do not always meet the expectations of pure and non-additive foods; in some instances, the labels do not always represent the content and the products are not of premium quality.

Based in Stockholm, they have close contacts and family ties to Sri Lanka. The David Pieris Group, being her family business, brings Bodhi regularly to Sri Lanka, and in touch with the Company.

Having travelled extensively around this beautiful island in the Indian ocean, with lush tropical vegetation and fertile agricultural land, Bodhi and Colette observed how small farmers working together in groups were producing high quality fruits, vegetables, and many other exotic agricultural produce. This propelled them to reach out to these farmers and expose them to the world of export enabling them to gain sustainable livelihoods. Supporting small farmers and out-growers is incorporated into DPGV’s mission thereby making it one of the precepts on which the company operates. By combining direct access and insight to the factories and plantations where DPGV products are grown and processed, Bodhi and Collete have set out to bring these products to Sweden.


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