the company

Driven by a vision to protect our planet for future generations and provide sustainable livelihoods for rural farming communities, the organic agri export operation of DPGV also known as D P Global Ventures (Pvt) Ltd., is the latest diversification initiative of David Pieris Group of Companies in the field of organic agriculture.

David Pieris Group is a diversified conglomerate, which has interests in key sectors of the economy including Financial Services, Logistics and Information Technology (IT), Racing and Leisure.

DPGV | The D P Global Ventures

Our mission

  • To delight our consumers, worldwide, with superior organic products which adhere to the highest standards of quality and value.
  • To educate and encourage local farmers to practice organic farming and cultivation processes that are compliant with international standards.
  • To protect our environment and natural resources for future generations through special emphasis on biodiversity and sustainable agricultural methods.
  • To make a significant contribution towards healthy living through offering 100% organic products.
  • To contribute to the advancement of our stakeholders by always supporting and empowering out-growers, smallholder farmers, and other partners by providing knowledge, sharing best practices, and connecting them to international markets and certification.
  • To be sensitive and responsive to market demands and trends by continually improving our processes and cultivation methods using technology and innovation.

Our agribusiness

We are committed to environmentally sound agricultural practices. Our farmers are encouraged to practice sustainable methods of farming that preserve the soil and ecological balance. Further, no child labour is used on any of our plantations.

Today, we are engaged in the cultivation of several hundred acres of organic certified plantations. In addition, we work with several hundred certified organic small scale out-growers from whom we buy back at fair prices enabling them to earn a sustainable livelihood and improve their standards of living.

The entire growing process comes under the inspection and certification of the Control Union, and all products are thereafter processed and packed according to organic standards of EU, NOP/USDA and Kosher, and conform to strict standards of hygiene in our HACCP, ISO 22000:2005, BRC certified Manufacturing Facility. At our R&D facility we focus on developing products that are full of natural goodness and 100% healthy.

Our products

We supply organic products under our own brand "Eliya" as well as under private labels for buyers. Packed for both consumers and bulk, our product range includes

  • 100% natural fruit juices infused with King Coconut Water and no added sugar or sweeteners
  • Organic fruit chunks in juice
  • Organic dehydrated fruits and vegetables
  • Organic fruit tapes / roll ups
  • Vegan value-added products
DPGV | Certificate
DPGV | Certificate
DPGV | Certificate
DPGV | Certificate

Our brand

"Eliya" is the word in Sinhala* for light. We believe our products reflect the warmth, health and goodness incased in the sunlight which gives birth to the natural products we share with the world. We hope it will shine a light to direct people to healthy, environmentally friendly living.

*Sinhala is one of the official and national languages of our island home Sri Lanka.